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Paper doll Villagers

A big thanks to Neola for Beta reading this and to her dad for beta mating this!

Hey guys, I'd like to post this feature suggestion on the official Minecraft forum, but I'd like to know if what I've got makes the idea clear enough. Some input would be loved!

I love the villagers, but I hate them too. I hate finding just what you want to trade for, then loosing the villager while you go gather what he/she/it wants. I refuse to trap them like animals. I just don't have the heart to do it. I want very much for them to be paper dolled.

Here we have the original five: The farmer, the smith , the butcher, the librarian, and the priest.  photo Villagelineup_zps37794c28.png

Suppose we gave them two levels of Paper doll? Paper doll would be an extra layer of clothing like our own armor, but with out the armor's protection.

For the first layer we' would have trim with 1 of 5 possible colors: yellow, lightish red, orange, blue, and green.  photo VillagelineupPD1_zpse1b8b337.png

In our second layer, the 5 accessories, we could have one of the following:: a vest, a lower hem, Pauldrons, glasses, or a cap.  photo VillagelineupPD2_zpsb85525f2.png

If we combine these two factors, a colored trim and one accessory, we can get a lot more variety.

In this example, the first librarian only has green colored trim, the second has orange trim and an accessory.  photo VillagelineupExample1_zpsb52f4b17.png

Below all villagers have both paper doll layers.

 photo VillagelineupExample2_zps6489e307.png

And in this example the librarian has no trim, only a vest accessory. In these examples a layer has been omitted: meaning that one or the other Paper doll layers can be omitted on occasion.  photo VillagelineupExample3_zps065d1dc0.png

With 5 villagers, and 6 trim, and 6 accessories (The 6th option for both being the omission of the layer) we get 5x6x6=180 unique villagers. With most people struggling to get the bare minimum of 15 villagers I think the picture is clear, with over 100 unique, randomly generated villager composites, finding and trading with an individual would be vastly easier, and far more satisfying.